Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Haulover is history...

If you spend any time exploring Haulover Park you might notice two historical markers. The marker on the west side commemorates the Haulover Beach Sport Fishing Docks and is located by Biscayne Bay, across from the fire station and midway between the charter boats and the inlet and the seawall. You can read about the marker on this page and the campaign to get the marker here. This is an impressive honor for those who have come before us and we are proud and fortunate to be part of the group of fishermen and women who carry on this tradition today.

The marker on the east side, by the beach and ocean, commemorates the Barefoot Mailman and is located across from the lifeguard headquarters. During the late 1800’s, before there were any connecting roads in these parts, a small group of men would transport the mail between Palm Beach and Miami via boat and on foot; they have come to be known as the Barefoot Mailman. It took six days to make the round trip, so it’s hard to say if we’ve made any actual progress in the time that it takes to deliver the mail; however, in defense of the USPS, the volume has definitely increased! Every year the South Florida Council Boy Scouts of America Hurricane District sponsors a hike to retrace the route of the Barefoot Mailman and you might see the scouts this weekend, February 5-6, as they spend two days walking from the Pompano Beach Pier to South Pointe Park at the very end of Miami Beach, with an overnight in Haulover Park.

So if you’re a person who likes to reenact history you can hike 35 miles from Pompano, or you can just come down to the dock and go fishing!