Thursday, January 6, 2011

Haulover Park is for the birds!

We like to think that the best amenity that Haulover Park has to offer is the charter and drift boat fleet on the west side of the park at Bill Bird Marina, but the real truth is that the very best thing about the park is the beach, the ocean and the beautiful natural setting.

One of the fun things to do when you’re visiting the park (or taking a break after a day of fishing) is to watch the birds, especially in the wintertime when there are hundreds of pelicans in the area and seagulls fighting over every piling. You’ll also see parrots (actually, you’ll hear them way before you see them, they’re very noisy!), vultures, egrets, herons, osprey and ibis...

Oh, you don't see anything there?

...and this little squirrel better watch his back.

So make a New Year’s resolution to visit the park, even if, perish the thought, you have no interest in fishing.