Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Brrr...we're glad that's over!

Our last post mentioned something about warm weather and sunshine...sunshine, yes; warm weather, not so much. This past month would not have been a good time to advance that theory about global warming, at least around here. Sadly, the unusually cold weather took a toll on some shallow-water fish, including bait, that could not survive the drop in water temperature, and within Haulover Park it was reported that a few of the many pelicans that spend the winter here did not make it. Enduring the cold with wet feathers and thin-skinned webbed feet might have been too much for some. The drop in temperature also created interesting effects on the ocean where we saw sea fog, looking like plumes of smoke drifting on top and across the waves where the warm water meets the cold air.

And this has nothing to do with fishing or Haulover, but there were some incredible sunsets.

The weather didn't slow us down; we put on more layers and went fishing like always. Some days turned out to be very pleasant and on other days we were blessed with dedicated helped that they were visiting from parts of Canada and New England where they know a thing or two about how to enjoy winter. One group of charter guests thought that what to us was cold and miserable weather was like a beautiful summer day in their home of Sweden, except that in Sweden it would be raining! All in all, we really wish it had been warmer for those who were trying to escape the cold. Fortunately, fishing has been quite good, with kingfish, blackfin tuna, bonito, wahoo, blacktip sharks, barracuda and sailfish all biting.

Also, for those who wonder what our express boat is all about, one of the nice things that this design has to offer is an adjustable Strataglass™ vinyl curtain enclosure wrapping around our bench seating and helm area that provides protection from wind, rain, sea spray and cold air. Charter guests can be comfortable and stay out of the weather until there’s a bite...and then they’re just steps away from all the action in the cockpit. On a nice day, which really is most days, we roll up the curtains and everyone enjoys the beautiful ocean breeze. Give us a call if you’d like to spend some time fishing while you’re here for any of the upcoming events taking place in South Florida, such as the Pro Bowl, Super Bowl, Miami International Boat Show or the Coconut Grove Arts Festival.